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Автор книги из жанра личные финансы, логистика, малый и средний бизнес, финансовые инструменты: Mark J. Kohler, Entrepreneur Press.

Идентификатор книги: 57289987.

книга The Business Owner's Guide to Financial Freedom  Краткое содержание бизнес книги: The Business Owner’s Guide to Financial Freedom.

Addresses the unique financial planning needs of entrepreneurs and small business owners Reveals the secrets behind successfully investing in your business while bypassing Wall Street-influenced financial planners Offers a proven formula to getting the most mileage out of your business assets for the long term Gives readers a road map for passing the torch, setting up an exit strategy, and transitioning into the “investment” phase of small business ownership Author is a CPA, attorney and entrepreneur with an internet radio show (The Mark Kohler Show), a monthly live webinar program, and self-published monthly newsletter. He is a contributor to Entrepreneur.com, speaker for Entrepreneur Evens, part of Entrepreneur Network channel on YouTube, and often hosts Facebook Live events on Entrepeneur’s Facebook page on the topic of small business tax legal issues The 4×4 Financial Plan is the only financial plan of its kind. Comprised of four Essential Elements and four Sequential Steps, the plan addressed all vital aspects of financial planning specifically tailored to the entrepreneur. Readers have access to the 4×4 Small Business Quiz at the end of the book to expose where your retirement plan weaknesses are as a business owner. The Quiz will teach readers what steps they need to take next to build financial independence. The book will be tied to a dedicated landing page with bonus content and specialized 4×4 Planning Quiz that will have various versions for social media platforms and email marketing. The most complex quiz design will be on the book website with a proprietary algorithm that will advise clients on options for financial independence with their business. This value-add will only be available to those who purchase the book

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