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Скачать книгу Quantum Computing for Computer Architects бесплатно, читать книги онлайн Frederic T. Chong, Tzvetan S. Metodi, Arvin I. Faruque, Morgan & Claypool Publishers

Книга: Quantum Computing for Computer Architects, скачать, купить и читать.

Автор книги из жанра технический анализ, физика: Frederic T. Chong, Tzvetan S. Metodi, Arvin I. Faruque, Morgan & Claypool Publishers.

Идентификатор книги: 55703927.

книга Quantum Computing for Computer Architects  Краткое содержание бизнес книги: Quantum Computing for Computer Architects.

Quantum computers can (in theory) solve certain problems far faster than a classical computer running any known classical algorithm. While existing technologies for building quantum computers are in their infancy, it is not too early to consider their scalability and reliability in the context of the design of large-scale quantum computers. To architect such systems, one must understand what it takes to design and model a balanced, fault-tolerant quantum computer architecture. The goal of this lecture is to provide architectural abstractions for the design of a quantum computer and to explore the systems-level challenges in achieving scalable, fault-tolerant quantum computation.

In this lecture, we provide an engineering-oriented introduction to quantum computation with an overview of the theory behind key quantum algorithms. Next, we look at architectural case studies based upon experimental data and future projections for quantum computation implemented using trapped ions. While we focus here on architectures targeted for realization using trapped ions, the techniques for quantum computer architecture design, quantum fault-tolerance, and compilation described in this lecture are applicable to many other physical technologies that may be viable candidates for building a large-scale quantum computing system. We also discuss general issues involved with programming a quantum computer as well as a discussion of work on quantum architectures based on quantum teleportation. Finally, we consider some of the open issues remaining in the design of quantum computers.

Table of Contents: Introduction / Basic Elements for Quantum Computation / Key Quantum Algorithms / Building Reliable and Scalable Quantum Architectures / Simulation of Quantum Computation / Architectural Elements / Case Study: The Quantum Logic Array Architecture / Programming the Quantum Architecture / Using the QLA for Quantum Simulation: The Transverse Ising Model / Teleportation-Based Quantum Architectures / Concluding Remarks

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Скачать книгу The Only Sacred Ground бесплатно, читать книги онлайн Gregory N. Derry, Apprentice House

Книга: The Only Sacred Ground, скачать, купить и читать.

Автор книги из жанра лояльность, физика: Gregory N. Derry, Apprentice House.

Идентификатор книги: 51715423.

The Only Sacred Ground  Краткое содержание бизнес книги: The Only Sacred Ground.

For the past several centuries, science has been offering us a powerful new way to understand nature, but the accompanying rise of materialistic philosophy threatens to drain the meaning and sacred quality of our experience of nature. The resulting tension represents a fractured and incoherent apprehension of nature on both a personal and a cultural level. In this book, Gregory N. Derry explores this problem and suggests a solution based on complementarity, a logical framework that demonstrates the compatibility of apparently contradictory propositions by showing them to be grounded in mutually exclusive domains of knowledge. Complementarity was famously employed by Niels Bohr in his quest to interpret quantum mechanics. Here, Prof. Derry extends and generalizes Bohr's epistemological approach so that it becomes applicable to problems beyond the scope of empirical science, and he uses this generalization of Bohr's complementarity to argue that the truth of scientific materialism in no way implies that nature has no sacred and spiritual dimensions, i.e., nature is both sacred and mundane.

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