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книга The Social Wave  Краткое содержание бизнес книги: The Social Wave.

Don’t Sink in the Sea of Social Media—SucceedPresenting a big-picture look beyond status updates, daily tweets, and weekly posts, social media strategist Starr Hall empowers you to break out of your social media comfort zone and start making waves.Includes:• Industry specific strategies including top 5 tips for 25 different industries• Social Site Comparison covers: what they are good for, when to use them, when you shouldn’t, plus which ones impact SEO • How to steer clear of social moves that could sink you• Wave tips: what to do when your social media isn’t working (or when you have a social media wipeout)If you want to learn active, proper social media strategies without the noise, this is the book that filters the best ways to successful metrics. Period.– Charlie Walk, former president of Sony/EpicStarr Hall provides the key insights for understanding the relevance and necessity of this new dynamic of basic existence- social media; like a handbook for the caveman to understand the power of fire. – Wes Stevens, CEO of VOX Inc., a lifestyle and social media agency and production company ‘The Social Wave’ is brilliant and insightful and gave me even more information on how to connect with the masses. Quite honestly, I love it!– Jill Zarin, The Real Housewives of New York, Entrepreneur, PhilanthropistCoached by Starr, learn how to stay on top of the rising swell of social media, ride today’s social media wave, and prepare to catch the next big one.

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